Tuesday, January 29, 2013

xg - post-jam polishing

I spent a few more hours last night and tonight making and adding to the game various image assets to polish the UI. I also tweaked the scoring a bit and made a few other UI dynamics changes (e.g. the avatar reach is only show when placing a charge or within reach of something that can be picked up / moved). It looks MUCH better, and the various images make the play much more intuitive.

Finding and/or making and.or adapting those images is a seriously time consuming, finicky process. In retrospect, glad I decided to skip that and use simple placeholders for the jam time limits. However, post-jam it has paid off to have spent a bit more time during the jam making sure it would be easy to insert images and animations later - that kind of thing is a pain to retrofit.

Still need to get a real image for the flag, figure out some better background images for the various control areas, make a decent rectangular button image, and so much more... but not tonight.


  1. The animated little guy who turns to face the mouse is fantastic. I was really impressed with that.

  2. I nabbed that animation series from someone from whom I don't technically have permission (yet - a request is in process), and did a little additional processing to tweak the colors and add some motion blurring for the frames in which it's moving. I may yet have to spend the time to put together my own animation sequence (a pain, but by no means impossible).