Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I'm Erica Moszkowski, a sophomore planning to major in CS and Econ. I took Creating Games (CS/ARTS 107) with Morgan last semester. I'll be working with codeheart.

For a while, I've been interested in the idea of creating a puzzle game - so here's my opportunity! I'm drawing inspiration from games like Rush Hour, Tetris, and Cut the Rope, since those are games I like to play (but, obviously, my level design is going to be much more primitive for now). I'll be implementing piece-placing mechanics as well as an environment that presents time challenges to the player. Each level requires the player to keep a flame alive by protecting it from rain, wind, falling objects, and lack of oxygen.

I'm primarily concerned about level design, since I have absolutely no experience designing playable yet challenging puzzles. I'm planning to start by implementing very simple puzzles, with the hope that I can combine mechanics to create more interesting ones.

Here we go!

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