Sunday, January 27, 2013

XG - .01b done

I've got a working game! Of course, it falls far short of what I'd like it to be in many areas (graphics, sound, various mechanics...), but it's completely playable (for its one extremely simple hole) and gives you a score and everything. I did take the time to add a few UI enhancements - e.g. the charges now show how big the explosion will be (both in the caddy and when placed), which makes it much more playable.

For now, I give you Explosion Golf v .01b.

I think tomorrow I'll try to add a couple of sand traps and then make the terrain affect movement and ball bounce.

Time spent this evening: 3.5 hours
Time remaining: 1.5 hours

Forecast: sleepy


  1. I can't figure out how to play...I started dragging things and pushing buttons and it seemed to work, but the process was pretty confusing. I think it is just the current graphics and maybe a few bugs, not anything that needs to be changed about the game. I recommend looking over someone's shoulder the first time that they play. It will probably be obvious what to change. E.g., why do I have both a fuse and a "BOOM" button? Am I playing a game where I set everything up ahead of time and then light the fuse, or a game where I make one "stroke" and then set some new charges? I dread the first playtesting of my own game.

    That your game runs on the web and can be played by following a link...TOTALLY AWESOME.

  2. Cool game! I can fire the ball with the putter, but I'm confused at the initial circle on my starting green, what does that represent?