Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morgan - Victory Screen

You win a game jam if you make a game...we hope that everyone will win.

I just completed execution of my backup plan, which was having a "race" game in which you sail through some gates in order.  This might make a nice sailing tutorial level for a full game later.

In the video below the ship sails through three gates and the game then displays the victory screen.  So I'm now guaranteed a technical win on the jam. 

Now on to more interesting features:

- Time/points
- Get unstuck when run aground
- Choice of gates
- Appropriate sounds
- Title & instruction screen
- Ship roll with waves
- Targets (anchored ships, shore targets)
- Cannons!

Completed in this session:

- Added wind sounds
- Added knotmeter to compass
- Detect hitting the gate
- Change gate material when they are traversed in the correct order
- Change G3D to use fully-qualified mesh names in the material pose table
- Implemented running aground
- Winning and show win state

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