Friday, January 25, 2013

Michael: And so it begins...

First note that I am in the GFX lab until late tonight and will readily welcome any game jammers.


My "Design Document" (if you play fast and loose with that definition):

Multiplayer Space Dogfight Game, played on a 3-Torus. Inspired by Star Wars Rogue Squadron III, and old F-22 flight simulators I played growing up.

3-Torus: A cube with identified faces, analagous to a square torus in 2 dimensions. Two sides with identical labels in the figure are *exactly the same position in space*. Kinda like pac-man: if you go off the left side of the screen, you come in the right, except for 3 dimensions.

Wishlist in rough priority order
  • Follow camera
  • XBOX controller free roam space-flight
  • Brakes/boost system
  • Simple Projectiles
  • Health system
  • Move to 3-Torus (!!)
  • Minimap(!)
  • Split-Screen  2-person Multiplayer
  • Particle System / shaders to look better
  • Homing secondary projectile
  • Completely hacked together network multiplayer
  • Powerups
  • Make everything look good
Simple right?


  1. By 3-Torus, do you mean