Monday, January 28, 2013

ATMS - Cameras and Audio

I brought the tutorial camera down closer to the ship to be more cinematic and then added and tweaked audio.  You can now tell the wind direction and relative speed from just listening with stereo headphones.

- Only show tutorial messages on the chaseCamera
- Clean up directory structure
- Isolate dependencies so that the game can be distributed standalone
- Make the pause menu cancelable
- Finished sailing tutorial (10 gates, all points of sail and controls)
- Fixed reflection rays going offscreen
- Point wind arrow  on compass INTO the boat
- Battle-cam (top) vs. sailing cam (low)
- Pan wind sound left to right based on heading
- Adjust wind sound volume based on apparent wind velocity
- Play a sound when crossing a gate

The tutorial is now done and fairly polished.  Next steps:

- Cannons!
  - Ball entity creation
  - Parabolic arc
  - Destroy on hitting terrain || water
  - Sound effect
  - Create splash in water
  - Detect collision with building
  - Particle trails

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