Sunday, January 27, 2013

ATMS - Menus

I've been working on the menus to actually be able to enter and exit the game.  The main menu is now functional, although "controls" doesn't do anything.  It responds to both keyboard and Xbox360 controller #1.

There are also no missions except for the tutorial.  If I blow past the 5pm official jam end I still have hopes of being able to implement splitscreen multiplayer.  My standards are probably too high with regard to my concerns about synchronizing water for network or large-scale multiplayer: Mincraft multiplayer was completely buggy for about a year and that made about $40M in sales at the time.  It is probably OK if my ships tilt slightly the wrong way in multiplayer.  Although, a coder has to have standards...

I have to now implement the in-game pause menu, which is what will allow the player to get back to the main menu after winning or losing the tutorial.

I just added the line of code in App::onInit:

    escapeKeyAction = ACTION_NONE;

This is a sign that the game is becoming polished.  You can no longer quit the program from an arbitrary point by hitting ESC.

Done this morning:

- Title screen
- Generic menu class
- Main menu
- Can exit from the main menu
- Can launch the game from the main menu

I'm now entering total hack mode, where I'm no longer trying to architect elements robustly or tweak the appearance of graphics (which is why the main menu is so dark--the text is drawn with the fixed function pipeline and I can't make that bright enough to bloom).

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