Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Sam - Hello

Hello, I am Sam Donow, a Freshman at Williams College and a likely CS and/or Math major. Due to my stunning lack of creativity this week, ideas for my game have been very limited in both number and extent. I plan on using the G3D engine to develop my game in order to increase my familiarity with it as I help out Morgan in the graphics lab with things related to it.

I will be going the "Hardcore48" route, as hopefully I will have a more well-defined and/or novel idea for a game by the weekend that improves on the only current concept I have of making a game set in space, for that seems like the easiest way to make a 3D game whilst not losing too much of the 48 hours to physics.

Hopefully everything will work out and a game will come out of me by the end of this weekend.


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  1. Everything always works out in the game industry :).