Saturday, January 26, 2013

Morgan - Title Screen

My game is called "A Thousand Moonlit Seas", which is the ending phrase from a poem I wrote to run during the title sequence.  Above is the title screen that goes behind the main menu.  It is live and 3D, with water ripples reflecting the title and moon.  Here's the animation:

The font is Fell English SC (open font license), which I've been using for my design doc.  The two ships in the harbor are the ships from the game with the sail meshes removed, and the dock is the in-game dock model as well.  

In the distance you can barely see a house and lighthouse on one of the islands.  I generalized the game renderer and simulation enough to be able to handle scenes like this, where there are no player-controlled ships.  The ships in the harbor are not regular in-game Ship instances because I haven't simulated anchoring yet--if I used real Ships, they would drift away!  The moon is a photograph of the moon from NASA, mapped onto a quad and placed in the scene.  If I move the camera, you can see how this is all set up to look right just from the one viewpoint:

Now, back to actually making the game...

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