Friday, January 25, 2013

Morgan - Designing the World

Mike convinced me that I should continue using Photoshop instead of making an in-game terrain editor, so I'm painting the heightfield for the world in Photoshop.  The loading time for a game scene is only about 1s, so I'm just reloading the entire world rather than making the heightfield (a G3D::HeightfieldModel) hotswap.

The current heightfield for the world. This is a mixture of a
distorted real-world map of the Caribbean and a lot of
Photoshop Render Clouds filters.
Here's a neat trick: with two filter levels, Photoshop can be set up to show clearly where the waterline will be on this heightfield, making it easier to shape the coastlines.

Here's the world seen from above, oriented to match the view in Photoshop:

And here it is after an hour of editing:

Debugging shot taken while flying low with the free camera.

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