Friday, January 25, 2013

xg - placing charges and spending time

Got off to a slow start tonight as I had to hack out a few UI elements (and deal with phone interruptions and recover from a screaming toddler), which always takes longer than I think it should. Once that was done I was able to get the pause button and timer-setting UI fully working, and the detonate button in place (though it doesn't do anything useful yet).

The next step is to make the placed charges actually go boom, then having the explosion affect the ball. If I can get that done in an hour or two tomorrow night then I'm fairly confident that I'll have an actual playable (though not necessarily pretty) game by the end of this thing. If things go especially quickly then maybe I'll get to add some decent images and fancier course shapes, or perhaps a quick help/how-to section.

I know I eventually want the score to depend on:

  • distance remaining to the flag/hole
  • time left on the ball fuse
  • number of unused charges

but I still haven't figured out the actual formula. So, I'm implementing the score card as series of snapshots of the end state of the holes, which should make it pretty easy to tweak the formula when I get around to dealing with it.

Hoping to make time this weekend to drop by the lab and see how other folks are doing, but I'll probably try to do the rest of my work here at home because I'm familiar with my local system.

Time spent tonight: 3 hours
Time remaining: 7.5 hours

Forecast: cold, with a chance of screaming and tears - there may also be an upset 2-yr old

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