Thursday, January 17, 2013

Corey - Jam Intro

I'm Corey Taylor, online ranger at EA and author of the famous end-of-the-world boundary in Superman Returns which undoubtedly kept us from falling below a 50 Metacritic rating.  I collaborate with Morgan on open source projects including the G3D Innovation Engine which he mentioned previously.

I meant to try out the Pro16 format; but, due to lack of planning time, I am going to attempt the Hardcore48 which will likely include a fair amount of pre-production.

My design is focused less on presentation and more about exposing a gameplay mechanic and ways to extend the game.  It's essentially a puzzle format with (hopefully) some fun emergent gameplay.

Working Title: nort begins

  • All world object are interacted with including the boundary
  • Each move is action driven not physics or animation driven
  • Avatars have a set of programmed responses to each object's property
  • Avatars must solve a puzzle with pre-set actions
    • Example: Escape a maze
    • Example: Fill a basket
  • Gameplay can be emergent with a simple world/puzzle editor

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  1. It seems I scheduled my Jam a week early so I will have a prepped game idea by Monday instead!