Wednesday, February 1, 2017

About Machinis Ludo

Machinis Ludo is a game jam series run by Prof. Morgan McGuire at Williams College with a satellite location run by Michael Mara at Stanford University and participants around the world over the Internet. A game jam is an intense party at which developers set aside their regular work and create new video games from scratch, working individually or in small groups. 

Working in the McGuire Graphics Lab at
Williams College for Machinis Ludo 2
Some game jams have a physical location and others are entirely virtual, with developers posting to a communual blog to share their work. Ludum Dare and the Global Game Jam are examples of two of the largest virtual jams. Machinis Ludo is a hybrid, with physical sites but half of the participants working remotely.  Everyone uses this blog to share their progress. Look at the summary page from Machinis Ludo 2 to see some examples of what people create in a game jam.