Sunday, March 31, 2013

Machinis Ludo 2 Summary

Operatives: Hidden Agenda
by Morgan McGuire / Casual Effects
created using 3DS Max, Photoshop, G3D Innovation Engine, codeheart.js, MSVC 2010, mongoose, libqrencode
about 1200 lines of C++, JavaScript, and C-like data files and 30 MB of data files.

iPhone View
TV View
O:HA is a multiplayer-only cooperative spy game. It is a "virtual board game" in which each player has a private view of his or her cards on a smartphone or other browser and all players share a public view of the board. Play proceeds in (slow) real-time, with actions taking both real time to initiate and to execute.  The design goal of keeping resources private is to enable traitor-like play.

I caught the flu and did not complete my game during the weekend, but hope to follow up on it, maybe during the next jam!

Cannonade: like lemonade, but with cannons..?
by Edward Powell
Created using  G3D Innovation Engine, Bullet Physics, GameLib, MSVC 2010, Blender,, Vectric Aspire
Required 11 novel classes and a lot of mods to my game lib!

Waves of increasingly fast aliens are trying to overrun your fixed gun emplacement - how long can you hold out? Cannonade is an old-school first-person shooter using physical, relatively slow moving, bouncing, projectiles. The emphasis is on careful shots and judging the trajectory of both your grenade and target.

Didn't manage to get as far as explosions and the collision detection hook from Bullet is definitely not quite right, but I have made a good start. The bullet integration has been done as part of an independent game lib, so hopefully I'll have plenty of opportunities to re-use and refine the last few days work in other projects.

Disorient: The Engine
by Nigel Munoz
Created with: LWJGL, Slick2D, Adobe Illustrator

I didn't get to make a game in the exact sense. Instead, I managed to create a very shaky engine.

You can run around a randomly generated map and shoot tiny pellets.

I did however achieve my primary goal, which was not getting sick. (Sorry, Morgan.) Secondarily, I achieved my other goal, which was to experience game development within the Java enviornment. (Not terrible.) With practice, here's hoping my next Java game will end up better than this one.

Game 1 (I never actually thought of a name for this...)
by Sam Donow
Created with: HTML5, JavaScript.
DL: (along with instructions to use up down arrow keys and the 1 and 2 keys, which I was too lazy to implement a directions screen to tell people about)

I made some form of a game, it came from a rather half-baked idea, but at least it was completed in the end. I did, however, at the very least manage to finish something, which is more of an accomplishment than I had with the last game jam, and I got to achieve my primary goal, which was to get some experience using JavaScript, and also some experience with designing a game, something which I had not done before.

Anyway, its a very simple game: you fly through a cave, and try to avoid hitting the cave and the yellow-square enemies; the only "good idea" I really had was in how I generated the caves, which are the only part of the game which has more detail than being just a rectangle.

Constellations: Graphs in the Sky
by Philippe Demontigny
Created with: codeheart.js
Link to Game:

Constellations is a puzzle game that presents Graph theory in a fun and interactive way. Players learn about concepts such as connected graphs, degrees of vertices, and bipartite graphs, then apply what they've learned to solve puzzles that encourage mathematical thinking and experimentation. Constellations is unique in its "Challenge" puzzles of which only a handful have solutions. Finding the challenges that do not have defined answers forces the player to create logical arguments for why a solution cannot exist, which is the basis of a formal, mathematical proof.

I hope to eventually add enough puzzles to this game to cover an introductory course in Graph Theory. At the very least I want to implement some "Traverse" puzzles that work with predefined Graphs.

Castle Siege
by Dan Fast and Arjun Narayan
Created with: codeheart.js
Link to Game:

Castle siege is a game where a player directs their forces to capture an opposing player's castle. Heroes (the characters in bright yellow) attract troops and can move around the map by being dragged and dropped. 

We did not finish the game jam in time and plan to take the Wolfire path of continuing to work on it. Hopefully a playable version of it will be ready in a few days. 

Hope everybody had a great time with the jam!

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