Friday, March 29, 2013

[Sam] Some Progress

After beginning the jam and getting a couple hours of progress in today (spending about as much time learning how to use javascript, which I have used only very minimally in the past, as using time to make the game) I have finished the one part of the game I was somewhat sure about coming in (making random caves) and I have side-scrolling working also, as shown (at a slower pace) in the below gif:

Next Steps:
- making side-scroll loop infinite (not hard, but it will wait until tomorrow_
- making transition from separately generated portions less sharp (if I have time)

Other things to do:
- Implement actually game elements (a player that flies through the "cave", enemies, interactions between the two, scores, etc.)

So far, it seems like I am posed to be at the very least more successful than the last game jam: I at least have something working, and there is plenty of time left!

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