Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Sam] "Done" with something of a game

The very limited scope of my idea for the game resulted in being able to finish up fairly quickly, as things that proved to hard were just ignored. The only idea that I had that was fully-baked to begin with was that I would have a randomly generated side-scrolling cave:   that was accomplished in full. At first I thought I would try to implement cool enemies and weapons and things...but that kind of fell through. Nonetheless, I will consider it a success as I before this I had neither created anything novel that could be considered a game, nor done anything that wasn't incredibly trivial using javascript.

As the game is now, the player (a purple square) files through the cave (up and down arrow keys are used for movement), trying to avoid the cave and the enemies (which are yellow squares, I will call them "ghosts" on account of the fact that they can move through solid rock on account of laziness for generating smarter movement), and the player accumulates score as time passes and additional points as enemies go off screen, enemies spawn more frequently as time progresses. The player also has 2 special "weapons": an invisibility/invulnerability cloak activated by pressing '1', and a turbo activated by pressing '2'.

tl;dr: controls are up/down arrow keys for movement, 1 for invisibility cloak, 2 for turbo.

As something that could be called a game exists, I will call this more successful than my last game jam attempt. In the future, the following things may or may nor be implemented/fixed:

-A bug where the player randomly dies from "colliding with the cave" without actually colliding with the cave some times (DONE)
-Somewhat smarter/potentially varied enemies.
-Better enemy spawning speeding up method (DONE)
-Graphics that are slightly more detailed for player/enemies

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