Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Edward] Phew! Things starting to look promising…

I’ve finally got stuff on the screen. As always it has taken longer than I had hoped. But I’ve had to learn *a lot* about the structure of Bullet physics, plus fix *a stack* of bugs in my gamelib. Embarrassed smile
Anyway, this quick vid shows where I am at. The first two clips show G3D primitives which are synchronised with a sphere and cylinder collision shape respectively. In the second two clips you may be able to see some additional line geometry. This is implemented by a bullet debug drawer component which provides bullet with some G3D-compatible OpenGL drawing routines so it can draw its collision geometry directly – I was relieved to confirm that these match my own rendered geometry!
I’m definitely going to need to revisit and refactor *a lot* of what I have written today, but I’m trying to avoid ‘paralysis by analysis’ by just cracking on with coding whatever the first solution is that I come up with! Next on my hit list is to be able to manipulate a cannon object and actually fire some game objects out into the scene using keyboard or XBox controller.
But it is evening here now so first I’m off to re-charge for a bit using a mixture of beer and curry – this is the UK equivalent of the US developer’s staple diet of coke and pizza.
Winking smile


  1. Nice! It is magical when a physics system comes together--those flimsy 3D models suddenly feel real.

  2. Cool! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this now that you have it hooked in to G3D.