Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Morgan] Better art

Following an idea from Max McGuire from the Unknown Worlds game jam, I used images from public domain comic books at to improve my artwork.  Each player now has unique background art based on his or her character:

It is really hard to find images of women in old comic books who look like spies or soldiers instead of swooning schoolgirls (or Amazon warriors!)  I think that I can easily get enough art for my characters and cards by just continuing to mine the comic books, though.  I plan to draw weapons and in-game tools as silhouettes on their cards, so that should be easy.  The gameplay has not progressed since this afternoon--I'm just sitting in bed sick doodling on art.  

Next steps:
  1. Assign (stable) IDs to clients 
  2. Have the server send the client a list of the cards it has
  3. Have the server display the contents of the current encounter as cards
  4. Put "use" button on the active card
  5. Make an action on the client have some effect on the server

1 comment:

  1. Amazing imagery. The borders on the last image are a little sharp, but the first two are totally elegant.