Thursday, March 28, 2013

Machinis Ludo 2 Jam Begins!

Let's jam!  The Machinis Ludo 2 game jam begins today at 10:00am ET  (timezone cheating is endorsed) After that, you have 30 hours to spend until 6:00pm ET on Sunday.

The McGuire Graphics Lab at Williams won't be open this time, since most people are working remotely  for this jam. Dan and Sam are welcome to host if they are here, of course.

To win, you have to make a game. It doesn't have to be the game that you set out to make, the best game in the world, or even a particularly fun game. The goals are to shake up our development schedules, focus on producing something to completion, and try out crazy new ideas that we don't usually explore in our daily work. Along the way, we'll learn new directions that codeheart.js and G3D should evolve in (although you aren't required to use those APIs), find bugs, and come up with lots of ideas for our next projects.  Good luck!

Post frequently with pictures to maintain the camaraderie and help inspire everyone.

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