Saturday, March 30, 2013

[MM] Object placement

The game now places objects in a room randomly with the constraints that they be visible to the camera and not overlapping another object.  This keeps the board-game feel without decreasing readability of the public screen:

Those white chicklet objects are what equipment looks like when it is in the world. When a character picks up an item, it will disappear from the world and be displayed as an icon under the character (I need to make a white space for the icons on the character stands). A card corresponding to that item will then appear on the player's private screen.

The only object so far is a pistol. I have a spreadsheet of objects and need to write a CSV -> G3D::Any converter to dump the rest of the objects.

That tile chicklet is the first thing that I ever modeled successfully in 3DS Max.  I created a box and then chamfered the edges to make it look like a real object and create a fine highlight rim.

I need to look at some real-world board games to build a good color palette.  I originally envisioned the entire board as gray and the chicklets as white, but that seems pretty boring.  I might have different colors for weapons, equipment, and props, or color or texture the board differently.

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