Saturday, March 30, 2013

[MM] More objects, better placement

I improved the object placement algorithm and expanded the set of objects in the world. James Ernests' spy card game has blueprint-like plans for traps.  I started experimenting with making the board look like a blueprint, but stopped when the nice contrast of a relatively matte blue board looked good against the colorful tokens and white item chicklets:

The largest improvement to the object placement algorithm is making it check both ways: Does the new object occlude any existing one?  Does any existing object occlude the new one?

The server can now render cards for items dynamically and display them on the mobile client controllers. "Arthur Daniel" is the guy in the blue fedora above. Here's what the screen on his mobile device looks like:

Next Steps:
  1. Add room on the bottom of the character tokens to display their stats and items
  2. Allow the player to actually take the actions on cards
  3. Distinguish skills from equipment
  4. Refactoring to cleanup recent changes and reduce code size
Currently at 1024 SLOC, including data files (which are in the code-like G3D::Any format)

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