Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Sam] A Rough Idea

Title: ???
Genre: side-scroller shooting things and such
Platform: web? maybe?
Developer: Sam Donow

After a lack of success during the previous game jam, I will attempt to bite off an amount that I can successfully chew for this one. After having many ideas come to mind that would have almost certainly led to too much difficulty, or simply an inability to fully flesh out an idea, an idea for an algorithm for randomly designing cave-like maps for a side-scrolling game with a flying vehicle came to mind, so I will be going with that.

Though no particular games come to mind, the idea is certainly similar to other games that exist, the idea (as I have it now) would be that the player would be moving with an ever-forward velocity in a 2d-cave like setting, and there will be enemies that try to shoot at you and you can kill to get upgrades to a weapon of some sort.

So, though the idea seems for now to be rather half-baked, I think that I have thought things through enough that, while making the game, holes will be able to be filled and a final product just may emerge.

So, a checklist of things to do (which also may help to make my idea clearer):

- Implement what I have in mind for making the random "map"/"cave"/whatever

- Movement of the player in some logical way such to make the random terrain an obstacle while constantly moving forward, but a manageable one

- A weapon that can become better in interesting ways from defeating enemies

- Enemies that get harder as time in the game progresses

So, in as much detail as I currently have in my mind and totally devoid of images, that is what I am going to try to do, in a nutshell.

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