Monday, March 25, 2013


Title:   Hexis
Catchphrase:   Tetris...Hexagon Style
Type:   Puzzle Game

Related Games: Tetris, Hextris
Platform:  codeheart.js
Developer: Erica Moszkowski

Goal - Make something that works!
Nothing fancy, nothing creative...just trying to implement something that already exists. I got all excited about the hexagon idea before I realized that it's actually already been done...but oh well.

Step 1: Implement Regular Tetris:
This seems like the easiest possible first step, because rectangles are easy to deal with. So, goal #1 is to make this work (and learn a bit about game balance along the way).

Step 2: Implement Hextris:
The hexagon grid will provide a bit more of an implementation challenge, and I'll have the opportunity to explore different shapes (if I manage to get around to it). The basic game loop and user input stays exactly the same.

1 comment:

  1. Note that there's a codeheart.js sample on dealing with hexagon-pixel math that might be useful. It took me a LONG time to derive elegant formulas for that--it isn't as easy as it sounds. Good luck!