Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Morgan] Multitouch drag & drop working

I seem to be coming down with a bad cold (I propose that we call this "pulling a Nigel" since Nigel got the flu right at the start of the last jam) and had a bunch of day-job work to handle today, so I'm getting a later start than I'd hope and moving slowly.

I just completed drag and drop of the in-game cards on mobile devices.  I hope to make the mobile device look more like...a secret agent mobile device...but for now it shows a briefcase to have at least some flavor.  Players can now connect to the game by scanning a QR code off the TV and then arrange their cards by touch.  Multitouch also works--I'm not sure if you'd want to move multiple cards at the same time, but it does work.  Selecting a card pops it in the z-order.

Not only is this "game" not fun yet, it isn't even a game.  I plan to make some minimal card game (basically, "War" or "Go Fish" equivalent) and then expand it more towards the rules I have planned.

My current design is to much more abstract than I originally envisioned.  Instead of seeing a map of the game, a series of encounters will arise Munchkin-style and the players will resolve them.  The encounters will follow a trajectory based on the mission theme instead of being random.

Coding half in C++ and half in JavaScript is a strange experience.  I have to try to keep in mind which changes require a restart and which simply reload on the fly. Syntax is an ongoing bilingual failure. The file named "G3D.js" might be heresy.

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  1. It's shaping up fairly quickly; hope you get better soon.

    Also "G3D.js" is fantastic.