Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Michael] Start (and Finish?)

So I managed to squeeze 3 or so hours of work in on the game jam today, which might be the most I get :(

Since I did approximately 0 preparatory work (and in fact did some anti-preparatory work by half-implementing depth peeling for ambient occlusion in G3D and left it in a broken state on my local machine), most of my effort was on getting a copy of my last game jam game up and running, checked in to svn and linking to bullet. After that was successful, I implemented the ability to remove asteroids cleanly from the game world and now remove them when they have no health (my old game jam game had health for all collision entities, it just didn't do anything when asteroids had nonpositive health.) Added a score variable that increments with every asteroid shot, screen printed it, and voila, I'm "done" with the game jam.

It gets lonely when you are at 300 points from destroying all 3 asteroids, but continually firing makes for something that looks like art to me.

Level 2 implementation here I come (tomorrow maybe?)!

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