Thursday, February 28, 2013

Announcing the Machinis Ludo II Game Jam

Machinis Ludo 2 is an invitation-only multi-site game jam running at the end of March 2013 hosted by the G3D Innovation Engine and codeheart.js developer communities. (If you've received an invitation to be an author on this blog, then you're invited.)

  • Schedule
    • Must post a preliminary design to this blog by 3:00pm ET March 25 (examples: Bit Pirates, Crossword-Z , Explosion Golf)
    • Begin main development after Thursday March 28 10:00am ET
    • Post regular updates to this blog
    • End before Sunday March 31 6:00pm ET
    • Spend no more than 30 hours total
  • Platforms: iOS, web, Windows 7 (or compatible), and JVM
  • Closed or open source games, public or undistributed, but must be playable by the other participants at the end
  • Any engine allowed
  • Any team size allowed
  • Work from any location!
Design prototyping, asset creation, and engine modification allowed before March 31. The rules are designed to help focus your efforts, for example, by driving everyone to begin with a concrete design. Bend them as you see fit!

As we did for the INNOVATE 2013 jam, we'll have the blog continuously reloading on the big screen in the McGuire Graphics Lab at Williams and will host any local participants in the lab during extended hours--WiFi, power, Ethernet, monitors, whiteboards, and loud music provided.  We have a lot of web cams and can open Google Hangouts if anyone outside Williamstown wants to work on a team with someone local or to observe local playtests of his or her game...or just join in the [gamer] party atmosphere.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

INNOVATE Winter 2013 Summary

The INNOVATE Winter 2013 game jam had two tracks: Pro16 (1.5 hrs x 5 days + 6 hrs) and Hardcore48 (Fri. 5pm - Sat. 5pm). Developers worked from MA, CT, and FL, with a concentration in the McGuire Graphics Lab at Williams College. The game engines used included Java, G3D, Unity, and codeheart.js.  Here are the games produced (other jammers, please edit your game's information and download links, if you want to openly share it!)

Explosion Golf

Author: Chris Warren
Track: Pro16 (plus post-jam polishing)

It's like golf, only instead of clubs you have bombs. And the ball's a bomb too, so you need to sink it before time runs out. Inspired by various physics puzzle-games, and explosions.


Author: Michael Mara

A Thousand Moonlit Seas

Engine: G3D (C++)
Track: Pro16
Tools: Visual Studio 2010, Google Docs, TortoiseSVN, Photoshop CS5, 3DS Max 2012, Sketchbook Pro, Audacity, Windows 7, LMNOpc Bitmap Font Builder, TurboSquid,

A realistic sailing simulation of a square-rigged ship inspired by Master and Commander. The "digital ghost-ship" art direction was inspired by Tron.


Author: Jonas
Engine: Unity


Author: Philippe Demontingny
Engine: codeheart.js

Imaginary Fighting Game

Author: Dan Fast
Engine: codeheart.js