Monday, May 5, 2014

Machinis Ludo V: Cooperative Jam

Monaco by Pocket Watch Games
Machinis Ludo V: Cooperative Jam is a one week part-time, invitation-only game jam hosted at Williams College by Morgan McGuire to create cooperative action-RPG video games inspired by the heist video game Monaco. All previous Machinis Ludo participants are welcome as well.

Anyone with basic experience in a language like C++, Java, or C should be able to modify mechanics in the engine--you don't have to be very experienced in C++. The engine is designed so that it is possible to contribute significantly to a team just by editing data files and creating images, as well. The primary goal of the jam is to bring everyone up to speed on modifying C++ programs and shape up the OpenHeist engine and G3D for future game jams. Set your expectations low, learn a lot, and have fun. A version of the OpenHeist API is temporarily online; in general, you can build the latest version of it from the Git repository sources.