Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Edward] Last jigsaw pieces…

I’ve got the game-specific collision detection and response framework working now – although I need to investigate occasional glitches when my current method seems to miss one, which is worrying (I hate intermittent bugs).

In this video the enemy and grenade objects are responding to each other to ‘recycle’ themselves. The enemy resets 4 seconds after the collision (so we can see it bounce a bit first) and then begins its run in again. The grenade simply resets, ready to be ‘thrown’ again. In the last collision in the vid you can see my current bug – the collision definitely happens in bullet, but for some reason neither object reacts to it. :(

You can also see that I’ve added a tumbling action to the grenade. I think this looks cool (just shooting the cylinder without spin just doesn’t ‘feel’ right) but it also makes hitting things substantially trickier!

I *think* that game-mechanic collision responses were the last major piece of the jigsaw I need to produce a basic game, so now I need to put all the bits together in a coherent way. I’m going to start with recording a score and reducing health level when a grenade hits and enemy and an enemy hits the player, respectively. With these elements in place I can have a complete (if dull) standard game cycle. Assuming that goes OK, I will revisit the physics engine to see about making the grenades explode, as per my original idea, and fix that pesky bug.

I hope everyone else is doing OK - things seem to have gone a bit quiet…?

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