Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Edward] Final version

Well here is the final(ish) version. Loads of time squandered trying to get some simple textured OBJs out of Blender and into the game – why is this bit so flippin’ hard?! Anyway, as a result, I ran out of time on the tanks ,so the enemies have had to stay as not-very-menacing collision spheres I’m afraid. I’ve still got a major problem with missed collisions – although my son likes the fact he ‘gets away with it’ quite frequently! I *think* this might be because I check for collisions each frame, and simply miss the precise moment when objects are in contact? Suggestions on how best to resolve this from any Bullet physics gurus our there would be gratefully received!

Still, it is *basically* a game and officially the first one I’ve written since moving back to C++ after XNA bit the dust last year, so I’m pretty pleased.

I’ve put the final build up on for post-jam discussions. Any feedback welcome, but I haven’t tested it on anything but my dev box so be warned: it might kick your cat and steal your milk…

Cheers all, E.

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