Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Nigel] Oh crap, I somehow got nothing done aaaaaaaaa


Zoomed out map.

  • Individual collisions are now implemented. (Player-Enemy, Player-Item)
  • At the moment, exactly one brain-dead green enemy circle will spawn at a random location in each room. (Literally brain-dead, AI has not been implemented.)
  • A (terrible) random map now generates. You can run around in it to your hearts content.
    • The original plan was to have rooms spawn in clusters which can then be color coded to represent needed keys. Time may not allow this anymore. The current implementation is a completely random generation which follows a few basic rules.

I shouldn't have gotten lazy. Compromises must now be made.

Plan of attack:
  • Get shooting and enemy death working.
  • Make enemies walk towards you while you are in the same room
  • Spawn more enemies
  • Spawn gun ammo 
  • Lock off one room from the player (i.e: exit)
  • Hide key somewhere (Perhaps in an enemy.)
At this point, a very basic game will have been completed. A long Saturday is ahead.

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