Friday, March 29, 2013

[Edward] You may fire when ready…

Morning all! Beer & curry actually has the opposite effect to the ‘recharging’ I had intended and so I only resumed work on the game this morning! However I have been focusing on turning yesterday’s physics ‘experiment’ into something that can become a game by Sunday. This vid shows where I am at now:

This may not look like a massive leap forward, but I’m afraid it has taken quite a bit of work ‘under the hood’ to get to this. I now have a launcher object (and first person camera) under control from either an XBox controller or the keyboard - fixing some input manager bugs on the way. The cylinder you see rendered is also now wrapped up neatly as part of a ‘grenade’ game component object, which also includes the physics management and game mechanic specific data (the details of this still to be sorted out).

You can probably see that I am currently re-using the same object each time fire is pressed. This involves safely removing, modifying and re-adding the object into the physics system – a principle that I needed to nail properly early-on because I will no doubt be doing this a lot to make use of physics objects in normal game play.

Next I need to align the grenade to the launcher when it is fired (at the moment you can see it just keeps its last orientation) and add some ‘enemies’ to fire at. Once these are in I need to tackle the big unknown of how to go about hooking the Bullet collision info to use for my actual game mechanics. Onward and upward…

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