Friday, March 29, 2013

[MM] Virtual game board

Here's the current view on the public game screen:

Relative positions don't affect gameplay--characters are lined up jRPG style, with good guys in a line in the front and bad guys in the back.  

I intend to put cards for the objects in the room on the table as well, but haven't figured out how to balance readability of the cards with the virtual game look.  Maybe they'll just be stand-up objects as well and you'll only see the cards with object stats on your private screen.

The client and server can now synchronize game state correctly.  The server sends the client its full state about once a second, so that even if the client drops out for a while it will fully synchronize on reconnection.  I ended up transferring card images over HTTP and sync messages over Websockets because Javascript Images automatically handle asynchronous loading of images over HTTP.

Still very, very sick...going back to sleep now.

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