Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Edward] UK Kick-off

Thursday morning and I was underway at 10:00am shamelessly making the most of my UK time-difference (I secretly intend to blag it in my favour at both ends and hope nobody notices...) I used my VS2010 G3D project wizard to create the blank project successfully, and I have source-controlled everything from the outset - not because I am collaborating, but for those inevitable 'tear it up and start again' moments. Nothing to show but a nice cornflower blue screen and the window frame title as yet:


My existing library is all component based, so my first job is to create some wrapper Game Component classes for the Bullet Physics system, and create a base class for physics objects. To start testing these I need to add them to a Game Screen game component collection, which will ultimately become the main game play screen - all being well!

Good luck everyone. I will report back in a few hours...

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