Monday, June 17, 2013

Machinis Ludo 3

Machinis Ludo 3 is an invitation-only multi-site game jam running at the beginning of July 2013 hosted by the G3D Innovation Engine and codeheart.js developer communities. (If you've received an invitation to be an author on this blog, then you're invited!)

There are two tracks, to accomodate the differing lifestyles of the participants.

Professional Track:

  • Start: 9am Sunday 2013-June-30
  • End: 3pm Wednesday 2013-July-03
  • 4 hours per day limit

Hardcore Track:
  • Start:  3pm Monday 2013-July-01
  • End: 3pm Wednesday 2013-July-03
  • No daily time limit

(all times are local to you)

  1. Any theme, any platform, any engine (although G3D and codeheart.js are encouraged to provide feedback, testing, and grow the APIs).  Closed or open source, and whether to release the game at all are up to you.
  2. Introduce yourself and post a game proposal by Friday 2013-June-28 (examples: Bit PiratesCrossword-Z Explosion Golf)
  3. Post frequent image, video, and text discussion updates throughout the jam.  The point is to create a sense of community among the participants and offer each other support.
  4. Post a summary paragraph to the group post within 24 hours of the end of the jam.
Everyone who follows the rules and creates a playable game by the deadline wins.  Usually about 50% of the participants succeed and we always hope for 100%.

See and the archives of this blog for inspiration.

Everyone is welcome to work from home, work, etc. For local participants in Williamstown, we'll have the graphics lab open with music, the blog on the big screen, and some group takeout orders. The energy when everyone's hacking in the same place is great.

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