Friday, June 28, 2013

Hi my name is Daniel Evangelakos and i am a student at Williams College.
This will be my first game jam. My goal is to make a puzzle game that will be loosely based upon a short film that was shown in graphics class. Here is the film for all that are interested:
My plan is not to deal with any of the human aspects but instead focus on the idea of having to control a system by dropping drops of the proper magnitude at the proper time.

The game would therefore consist of trying to get a block or a set of blocks through some sort of obstacle course. To do this you would set up dispensers that would release set amounts of a set liquid at a pre-arranged time. I have the idea of making this be a fun way of practicing physics, which means that  i would have to make a fairly realistic physics engine, and that i would also have to give alot of information to the player such as the mass of block and the friction coefficients.  My hope is that people will solve the puzzles by doing series of calculations to determine where and when to put the dispensers.

I will be doing the entire thing in G3D and hope to end up with a playable game

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