Sunday, June 30, 2013

Machinis Ludo 3 Begins!

The Professional Track began today at 9am.  Good luck to everyone!

I'm kicking off with Castles & Catacombs with my three-person team of two child designers (neither is me) and one adult programmer/artist/musician (that's me).  I'll work from home today and the lab tomorrow. First on today's feature list is the World Map mode, which includes:

  1. Navigable world map
  2. World map -> Character Selection Screen
  3. Exit point from game scene to the World Map
  4. Pause Menu

I'm planning to use the characters' mounts to mark the world map exit point.  I drew some mounts last night, from left to right: Crefftwyr's pony, d'Arc's horse, Stahl's warhorse:

I still need to figure out what the druid and faerie's mounts are (maybe a stag and a bird?) and to draw the characters mounted, but that isn't going to be the hard part of implementing the world map.

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