Sunday, June 30, 2013

[MMc] World Map

The title screen, world map, and character selection screen all work now.  The world map is just a giant image that the characters can freely roam over--the underlying graph is not yet connected.

I then added mounts to the main game mode.  When all players are mounted, they return to the world map.  Well, they will.  I haven't implemented the final test for all players being mounted yet.

Next steps: 
  1. Actually implement returning to the world map
  2. Draw a mount for the faerie (I'm now thinking dog instead of bird--birds look dumb without animation)
  3. Implement the world map graph properly
  4. Allow controllers to be used on the selection and title screens

While working, I've been listening to this IDM/EDM Pandora station that Acy made for me: 

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