Friday, June 21, 2013

[MMc] Castles & Catacombs

I'm Morgan McGuire, professor at Williams and game developer. For the jam, I plan bring to a fully playable state a game that I've been prototyping for a while with my children. I'll be on the pro track, primarily front-loading on the weekend and Monday.

Title: Castles & Catacombs
Platform: Web
Players: 1-3, coop
Concept: The mechanics of Monaco & Minecraft in a classic fantasy setting (ala D&D, Gauntlet, etc.)
Technology: codeheart.js + gamepad extensions, svn, Photoshop, Pixen, CFXR, emacs, Audacity, hq4x depixelizer

  1. 2D platformer
  2. Cellular automata simulation
  3. World map
  4. RPG stats (with no leveling)
  5. Pure co-op
  6. Unlocking more characters
  7. Metroid-vania revisiting of previous levels with new abilities

I already posted some early shots of work on the graphics for this game (and a blog post on how I created some):

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