Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dan - Post Mortem

Well that was fun. 

You can play the game HERE and source code can be found HERE.

The game is hot seat, so first player controls the left hand character, second player controls the right hand. 
Each player takes ONE turn at a time.
Pressing the FIST fires an attack (after a short delay).
DRAGGING your character makes them jump around.
Clicking the timeline changes the time in the game.

 I couldn't program in an end game check, so if it looks like there is nothing left for you to do, that's probably the case. Victories, however, are fleeting... someone may change the past.

Extra: There are bugs. I had to resort to mutation when dealing with the time travel collisions, sad times. Anyway, that led to bugs. I'll try to iron them out in the future.


  1. codeheart doesn't like to run with IE 10. Just sits at the "Click to Play" screen.

  2. Replies
    1. It could be a syntax error on my side, I'll have to check it. Are the later IE versions as strict as the early ones?