Monday, January 21, 2013

XG - very basic controls / UI

Spent about 2.5 hours on the game this evening, anticipating no time on Wednesday and not much time Saturday and Sunday. Got through the first 2 steps (more or less) of my dev plan and as anticipated, got side-tracked on step 2 doing various library/infrastructure work, but hopefully that will pay off later. At the moment it's hack-y - lots of hard coded values in place for initial testing - but the general framework feels OK (certainly sub-optimal, but functional).

All the elements are implemented as simple circle or rect shapes. Once I have the basic game play working (Thursday? Friday?) I'll go back and fancify it a bit with generalized polygons.

On the docket for tomorrow: letting the avatar (that white disc in the green square) move around, placing the ball and various charges on the course, showing avatar reach, and possibly picking up charges. For those keeping score, that would be up through item 14 in my dev plan (minus some that I'm skipping for now in favor of getting a truly minimal minimum viable product up and running).

Current forecast: cold, but optimistic

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