Saturday, January 26, 2013

Corey - Level Concept Intro

So, I've realized that I've bitten off a lot when it comes to level design for my game.  My options for environment ideas made it really difficult to come up with ways for the user to play.  Instead of messing around with all of the level options, I decided to narrow it down to some basic movement and priority choices until things are ready to expand.

The goal of the game has also narrowed down to a room or level escape.  You have to guide your avatar towards the open tile.  As UI/display was not my main concern, we're going to deal with grids and icons/sprites until much later (unlikely to get much attention).

I give you the intro tutorial level design.  This actual level may change in the final release if I get to spend time working out the balance between options and environment.  Keeping it simple allowed me to actually progress in development.

Here is how you would read that layout.

  • Orange - User's Avatar
  • Arrow - Facing direction
  • Light Gray - Wall
  • Green - Open Tile
None of the environment tiles have any reaction.  The only property for the wall is it prevents the avatar from moving forward.

The user is given these choices for movement:
  • Move 1 tile at a time
  • Move the entire length open at a time
The user is given these choices for movement:
  • Move left or right into open space first
  • Move forwards or backwards into open space first

It's very simple, but perhaps so is the point of a intro/tutorial level.  I don't have a fail condition set so the user could loop endlessly in places or randomly hit the goal.  That's fine for some puzzles/levels although perhaps a repetition limit should be set.  The next few tutorial levels would include title types that have fail conditions such as not being able to move forward.

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