Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Finish Line

The INNOVATE 2013 jam is officially over!  About half of us won the jam and all of us clearly learned a lot. Many of us are close enough to keep going a bit and polish before the closing party, including I think me, Mike, Nigel, and Sam.

Please post a link to your game here or e-mail download instructions to everyone if you don't want to publicly distribute it.  I'll start a summary post with an image of everyone's game...just edit that one to add the description of your game.

We'll have the wrap party to play each other's games Tuesday 3pm-5pm in TCL217 (Corey and Dan will have to participate vicariously).  That's during the first lab session for CS/ARTS 107: Creating Games, which means that students from the class can come by as well.

Mike and I should be able to run our games from of our laptops, and all of the web games can run off lab computers. We'll set up logistics for the rest by e-mail.

This was a lot of fun.  Thanks to everyone for participating.  I'll host an INNOVATE summer jam as a followup.  Post comments with what you liked or would change about the structure of this jam.

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