Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jonas - Conclusion

It works! It's not a finished product and it turned out more like an exploration game than the epic man vs. sea creature duel that I envisioned, but you can swim around and shoot things, which is pretty cool by itself.

I gave up on a realistic cave generator after spending a good five hours trying to get unity to generate its own meshes. Day two was spent creating a new system to carve caves out of a dense 2d field of columns. Day three accounts for most of the gameplay elements, namely swimming around, turning a flashlight on and off, and shooting harpoons into walls. Sadly, I had no time to implement any sort of enemy whatsoever before the time limit, but I plan on adding one in the future along with some sound effects and bubble particles.

Here it is, just before the time limit:
(a/w/s/d/arrowkeys to move, left mouse to shoot, right mouse to change item, escape to pause)


  1. Great cave structures, creates some strong emotions quickly.

    1. Thanks! I was very committed to building a strong atmosphere, which is part of the reason so much of the gameplay is missing. Sounds would really help in this case, I think.