Monday, January 28, 2013

Sam - "Final" Post

After many trials and tribulations, the concept for my game (4D pong, which in theory was to have cool features with manipulating time and such) did not really come to fruition - I got a lot more familiar with G3D as a platform for designing games, and will be more capable next time around, but at the end of my work today I managed to make 2 paddles with movement and a ball that bounces between them, so I got somehow. Congratulations to everyone who "won" the game jam, and good luck for any who are still working. I may at some time return to my game and make something finished out of it, but that is highly unlikely to happen before the games are to be presented on Tuesday.

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  1. I actually had someone come out a couple weeks ago to give a bid for a checkerboard kitchen classic!
    Split face Tile