Sunday, January 27, 2013

ATMS - More UI work

I'm continuing on and will probably have a more interesting game by Wednesday, hopefully with multiplayer. This afternoon was lots of UI work to improve controls and instructions.


- Title/menu screen tuning
- Remapped keyboard keys: ASD left stick, +- right stick, arrows are D-pad, and ESC is START
- View controls
- Pause menu
  - Resume
  - Restart mission
  - Abort mission
- Menu drop shadows
- Move programmable pipeline drawRect2D to G3D
- Move signedPow to G3D
- Add G3D::Scene::remove and override in World to support object destruction
- Allow choice of gates in tutorial
- Tutorial popup text boxes on gates


- Finish sailing tutorial
- Point wind arrow INTO boat (thanks, Chris)
- Targets (anchored ships, shore targets)
- Cannons!
- Abstract everything about the player, to enable splitscreen multiplayer
  - e.g., player1Ship
  - add a Player object that the ship references
  - make tint/materialpose a property of the player

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