Sunday, January 27, 2013

Michael - T-minus 6 hours (or so)

Alright, now that I've caught up on sleep a little bit, it's time for the final sprint. Let's revisit my original list:

  • Follow camera
  • XBOX controller free roam space-flight
  • Brakes/boost system
  • Simple Projectiles
  • Health system
  • Move to 3-Torus (!!)
  • Minimap(!)  (Decided against it's inclusion)
  • Split-Screen  2-person Multiplayer
  • Particle System / shaders to look better
  • Homing secondary projectile
  • Completely hacked together network multiplayer
  • Powerups
  • Make everything look good

  • Not bad. My new list looks something like this:

    • Improve collision detection (build a Tri-Tree for the asteroid?)
    • Fix lighting (weird behavior when looping around torus)
    • Draw projectiles in a sane way (and make it look good)
    • Swap in better models
    • Make secondary projectile heatseeking
    • Better health display
    • Better victory screen
    • Name the game
    • Pause screen
    • Auto-restart game after victory.
    • Countdown
    • Optimize rendering so we can see farther?
    Networked multiplayer/powerups/destuctable asteroids/ship building all on the menu for post-game jam.

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