Saturday, January 10, 2015

[SAD] Winter Study Game Jam 1 - Card Games

In addition to the public machinis ludo game jam, Nigel Munoz and I are doing 3 48-hour game jams this month as part of our Winter Study course. For the first one, beginning very soon, I plan on implementing an idea for a card game that I have been working on for about a month. So, the following are the things that this game jam will entail:

Tools: Javascript, Node.js, codeheart.js,, Heroku 
  • Designing rules and cards for a card game (mostly done prior to the jam)
  • Gaining familiarity with and using tools for networking (Node.js/, which I started looking at yesterday)
  • Make a client for drafting decks for the game (an important first step given the structure of my game)
  • Make a client for playing the game, with all the rules implemented in a clean way (Planning on using an 'event stack' infrastructure similar to what I have seen used in other card games: this should fix some of the convolution that I ran into when implementing Dominion last year)
  • Have communication with the server work well and all.
  • Make the game somewhat visually appealing (shouldn't be too hard, as I just need the cards to look decent: there are very few other visual elements
  • Ensure that the game is online and the server supports multiple simultaneous games
  • Hopefully ensuring touch compatability for later porting as an android app.

I plan on going roughly in the above order in my implementation, so the first thing will be setting up 2 player drafting and deck-building, then comes actual card-game playing, then comes testing server communication, then comes any polish.

Hopefully all of the above can be done in the next 48 hours or so: if so, I will have accomplished at least 2 goals: one, getting my game to a testable point, and two, increasing my familiarity with networking/server things that I have never before had to deal with.

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