Saturday, January 17, 2015

[MMc] Solar Golfing: one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

Please play the latest version online and give me feedback in the comments.

Multiple planets are now working correctly, and it is possible to make shots that go from one planet to another. The "holes" in Solar Golfing are rockets, which are the normal way to take the ball to the next planet. The solar system is like a golf course, and each planet is like one hole of the course.

Houston, the Eagle has Landed

Since my last update, I also added a title sequence, minimap, collision sounds, improved tracking for the camera, and tuned the physics constants. The last steps for a working minimal game are:

  • Show the ball and rockets on the minimap
  • Implement rockets
  • Implement aliens (they shoot down "lost" balls)
  • Implement the final hole

After that, I can experiment with procedural methods for creating different styles of planets and forming the whole solar system as a chain of planets.


  1. It is super satisfying to hop planets

  2. Lot's of fun! Ummm... how do you recover if you go into (a mostly stable) orbit and/or slingshot into open space? Some kind of 'lost ball' option would be nice (with a corresponding stroke penalty, of course) - though I'm not sure how that would be implement while maintaining the excellent, clean UI....

    1. That's what the "implement aliens" is for on the TODO list. They come and shoot down your ball if it doesn't rest after 7 seconds.