Sunday, January 18, 2015

[MMc] Solar Golfing final jam build

I added the aliens (it is ok to shoot into space now), added penalty strokes, tweaked some graphics, fixed a number of bugs that were exposed in playtesting, tuned a bunch of constants, and significantly increased the complexity of the planet generator based on your feedback. It seems to be pretty fun, even with just the one solar system--I'm now wasting too much time playing my game and not spending enough time writing it!

All planets still have ALL features turned on from the new procedural generator, so they are very rocky. The next step of post-game polish will be to vary feature probability distributions between planets, like the mountainous planet or the crater planet. There's probably only two hours of work until that bears fruit so I'd like to push through tonight, but have work tomorrow morning. I hope I'll be able to add those features early in the week so that I don't lose momentum.

Play the current build.


  1. Omg the aliens. So worth the wait, as I was really struggling trying to shoot the ball out of orbit!