Friday, January 16, 2015

[MMc] Playable Solar Golf

The game is now playable (but not winnable...there is no hole). I left the debug visualizations on because they look neat to a developer. I'm temporarily hosting the game here, try it out!

Debug visualizations while working on coordinate system issues.
  • generate procedural planet heightfield                                        
  • generate physics collision surface
  • render stars    
  • render planet
  • render atmosphere  
  • implement arbitrary entities with rigid-body physics                                                       
  • gravity for planets  
  • implement ball physics
  • tune ball physics
  • implement dragging out an impulse vector
  • draw impulse vector
  • mouse impulse     
  • clamp maximum impulse
  • add subtle gradients to planets to give better intuition for slopes on a curved surface
  • add audio feedback for canceled stroke, illegal stroke, and successful stroke
  • make the view keep the ball on screen and well-oriented                                                              
  • make the view lead the ball
  • place hole
  • make hole indicator
  • add 2nd planet
  • implement rockets
  • implement aliens
  • place tee                                                  

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